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Did you know that most of what you’ve been told about buying your first home, choosing a house and land package and applying for your first loan is wrong (especially if you’ve heard if from one of the Big 4 Banks) 🤯

👉🏼 You need a 20% deposit.
⛔️ Incorrect – Some lenders only need a small 3-5% deposit

👉🏼 House and land packages are expensive and not for First Home Buyers
⛔️ Definitely Incorrect – especially because in most States you’re eligible for thousands of dollars in first home owner Government Grants

👉🏼 You CAN’T apply for a home loan with just a $10,000 deposit .
⛔️ Once again… that’s wrong too (we’ve even had some clients get approved for home loans with smaller deposits 🤫)

👉🏼 If you’re currently renting you can’t afford to build a new home
⛔️ (another big myth as having a good rental history actually works in your favour when applying for a home loan)

Don’t let your first home buyer dreams be ruined because of misinformation

The first home buyer accelerator is helping hundreds of first home buyers get into their first home 6-12 months faster than people who are going it alone.

The First Home Buyer Accelerator will help you find the best house and land packages in Teneriffe, 4005 and surrounding suburbs like New Farm, Newstead, Bulimba, Fortitude Valley, Hawthorne, Bowen Hills, Balmoral, Spring Hill, Kangaroo Point, Hamilton

Giving you access to the best finance options available in Teneriffe, 4005 without you having to leave your house. We do all the leg work for you.

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Building Your First House Can Be A Complicated Process Particularly when finding a new home and selecting the very best house and land packages to fit yours and your families needs, wants, and most significantly, budget.
That’s why we developed the First Home Buyer Accelerator giving you access to the absolute best first home buyer experts so you can get the very best package on your mortgage and the very best deal on your home and land package.

The First Home Buyer Accelerator is helping more first home buyers find their perfect house and land package in Teneriffe, 4005 and reach their first home ownership dreams faster!

So What Will You Receive As A Member Of The First Home Buyer Accelerator? (For FREE)

A new home build specialist to guide you through the entire building process – helping you find the perfect block of land in Teneriffe, 4005, quality builder & home design (and to ensure you don’t make any costly mistakes or get ripped off)

Exclusive first home buyer builder and house and land package discounts for Teneriffe, 4005. These specials will save you thousands of dollars (and you can’t access them anywhere else)

A first home buyer mortgage broker (if you don’t already have one) to help you find the perfect home loan for your individual situation (with the best terms and interest rates) + they’ll even apply for all your Government grants and exemptions (so you don’t have to)

Exclusive VIP Access to the First Home Buyer Buddy – Australia’s only online programme helping you save money, time and stress when buying and building your first home (valued at $996).

So, if you want to find the best house and land package in Teneriffe, 4005 (without having to scroll through hundreds of pages on realestate.com.au ) AND start building your first home in the next 3 or even 6 months, as an Queensland resident you may be eligible to receive the ‘First Home Buyer Accelerator’ for FREE. See packages, check home builders, new land estates, new house designs, new apartments and land area.


All you need to do is click the ‘Apply Now‘ button below 👇, complete our short quiz (it only takes 40 seconds) and one of our first home buyer experts who specialises in house and land packages in Teneriffe, 4005 will be in touch. Most likely with some really good news!

Home and land packages are also available in surrounding suburbs such as New Farm, Newstead, Bulimba, Fortitude Valley, Hawthorne, Bowen Hills, Balmoral, Spring Hill, Kangaroo Point, Hamilton

Want help choosing the best
home and land deal in Teneriffe, 4005?

When choosing a builder or house and land package and building a home for the very first time, there are so many questions running through your mind, like… 

What does ‘house and land package’ actually mean?

How do I know which size block of land to choose when selecting a house and land package?

Which builder should I choose for house and land packages?

Is this the best house and land package available?

Can I negotiate the price on a house & land package?

Can I make changes to the floorplan in house and land packages?

How do I know what’s included in house and land packages?

How long will it take to build my home when purchasing a house and land package?

What does the term Turnkey house and land packages mean?

Am I paying too much for my house and land package?

Is Teneriffe a good suburb for house & land packages to be build in?

Are the costs fixed or will I have to pay more? 

How does the finance work and when do I have to start paying my loan?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know you have someone to turn to, whenever you want, and answer all of these questions for you? Because that’s what you get as part of the First Home Buyer Accelerator.

You’re never alone when considering house and land packages. We’ll stop you from making the most common and costly mistakes choosing a house and land package because we’re by your side from beginning to end to make sure you don’t

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We know it’s an extremely thrilling time buying and building your very first house, however, it does not constantly end up that like that for lots of first time house purchasers.

Too many times we see individuals losing hundreds of thousands of their hard earned money on a new home & land package since they thought they were getting themselves a good deal.

But remember, if it sounds too great to be true, it normally is!

See, some home builders ‘conceal’ their extra charges and do not offer you fixed upfront ‘quotes’. Indicating that ‘quote’ they simply offered you, will most certainly NOT be the total cost you have to pay.

And that’s when you should be asking yourself, why?

If you’re being sold any house and land packages that are 10s of thousands of dollars less expensive than other comparable houses you have actually looked at … there is probably a good reason why.

The majority of the time it’s since you’re missing out on inclusions that ought to really come as standard (and they’ll be making you pay for them later), or you’re going to be paying extra for ‘site expenses’ so the home builder can catch up their original price shortfall.

We hear a great deal of horror stories from very first house purchasers that get a bit too fired up and sadly didn’t do enough research prior to parting with their hard-earned cash.

Rahul was among them. He came to us after spending his entire $25,000 deposit to lock in a block of land that no Company wanted to construct a house on (plus the worst part was, he thought he ‘d got himself a cheap price, but he ‘d in fact paid more than what it was valued at and actually didn’t need to hand over a 10% deposit either).

Sara, sadly, came to us after she ‘d already signed agreements with a big Company and paid her deposit, just to later be struck with an extra $35,000 in ‘unexpected’ expenses (for items she thought were inclusive in the original quote) and had no idea how she ‘d pay for them.

Thankfully, with Rahul, among our new house build experts were able to assist him find a home builder that specialised in working on smaller narrow blocks of land and wasn’t going to charge him a fortune to do so.

But, with Sara, it was too late. Starting again with another home builder and losing the deposit she had actually previously paid wasn’t a choice. So she ended up needing to finance the extra $35,000 from her mum and dad and chalk it up to one of those lifes lessons.

Rahul and Sara are simply some of the many very first house purchasers that find themselves in a really confronting circumstance since they have actually decided (and parted with a great deal of money) without having all the info and support from experts, that they required.

And we honestly do not wish that to happen to you!

That’s why we began the First Home Buyer Accelerator to assist novice new home buyers through the entire process so you do not make any of the pricey and common mistakes we see far too often.

It’s their role to ask all of those concerns that Rahul and Sara ought to have asked. It’s their role to locate you the very best deal and it’s their role to make sure you move into your very first house happy and excited.

Think of having assurance that when you do locate your ideal very first house, you understand you’re making the right choice.

In simply a quick 10 minute call, you’ll get to talk with one of our experts prior to you deciding you might later regret and you’ll also learn instantly if you get approved for help finding, buying and building your new very first house.

Get access to thousands of dollars in free help so you can buy, build, and move into your first home faster and with more money left in your pocket.


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