We supply, fit and tune various modules and software for tuning your bike to perfection, including Dynojet Powercommander, Woolich Racing, Bazzaz, Rapid Bike and more.


Which method to use will be based on what bike it's for,

what you are out to achieve and what features you want for your bike

Regardelss of which way you go, the most important thing about tuning your bike is that YOUR bike is measured and tuned to whats required to have it running at its best.There/s no point going to the trouble and expense of getting a Woolich Flash or a PCV put on to your bike only to use a pre done map that was written for some other bike with smiliar mods and cross your fingers it's close. It wont be. If you're not going to get it custom tuned then you may as well save the money and ride the bike as is. Sure, it won't run at its best, but it won't anyway unless it's measured and adjusted accordingly.

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The reason that other trusted industry experts use us and recommend us to their clients for tuning is our attention to detail, the 20yrs of tuning under our belt and most importantly, the results,  measured in both seat of the pants feel and championship winning work with Factory Race Teams.