FROM excitement and extreme bravery to sheer terror; through the heat of battle to the humour and humanity of everyday life; mixing hard facts and gritty details with hopes, dreams, fears and compassion.

Soldiers' stories have always fascinated the public; and as we mark the Centenary of World War One, there is more focus on them than at any time in recent history.

Moving, detailed diaries and letters penned by WW1 Anzacs bring their struggles vividly to life; tattoos and video journals capturing the experiences of our modern military in Afghanistan and Iraq do the same; while writings, recollections and art from the many conflicts in between give us more access than ever before to these phenomenal accounts.

This project is dedicated to telling these stories, in new ways and often for the first time; and beyond that, to helping Australia's museums and libraries gather the information that will enable another 100 years of storytelling.

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