Event Discovery

About the project

Self-proposed dissertation project, as part of my final year undergraduate course. I’m designing and developing the Hull Discover Android app, which is an event discovery app targeted for Hull university students.


There is no simple, go-to way to discover events on University campus. Students around campus are always asking one another "What’s going on today that we can do? OR they are often sitting in their rooms all day, unsociable because they didn't’t know an event was happening. If they can find them on Facebook, printed posters or the web, it is often irrelevant to them OR the event(s) are often oversold because there's no formal way of RSVPing.

Product Goals

Success would be having students use the app to know what events they can attend, does it cost them, where it is being held and who of their friends are attending. I looked into some possible KPI's (Key Performance Metrics) to monitor this.


I started out by researching how students actually found out about events on campus. I created a TypeForm survey and gathered 115 responses from students from different campuses in Australia and the UK. This helped me define what exactly I needed to focus on with a target audience of university students. FULL DETAILS OF REASERCH CAN BE FOUND HERE.


Firstly, I created user stories to breakdown the design problem and to list out required features for Hull Discover. Then, I mapped out user flow for Hull Discover’s core user goals. I also conducted research on existing apps that perform similar functions (yplan, fever, foursquare etc). Using the information gathered, I sketched out wireframes and used the Marvel app to test usability of my paper prototype.

User Flow

Clickable prototype

Technologies used:

Java, Parse.com, Marvel.com, Android Studio, Git

What I've learnt

This project is still in development, with a deadline for May 2016. My takeaways so far during project I've actually spend a lot of time of the visual design and project management/plan of app. When really I should have just programmed a basic working solution of the app and get it out there as quick as I can and iterate on that. In the future, I'll be sticking to a more agile, quick and often approach to developing.