Are you confused whether to buy Kamagra, will it be free from side effects, and other sexual supplements coming up that claim to provide amazing benefits in bedroom? This article is for you!

Kamagra and Natural Remedies to Erectile Dysfunction

Kamagra is an unapproved product that includes active ingredients found in Viagra such as sildenafil citrate. Even though sildenafil itself is an approved ingredient, Kamagra is produced and exported straight out of India and sold on several online websites without any needed prescription. The problem with buying products that are used for erectile dysfunction, among other uses, can be very dangerous to people as the ingredients could be very dangerous to ones health. The product is mainly sold among men who are desperate in finding a cheap and easy alternative to prescribed Viagra or Cialis. These types of products, which aren't prescribed, can mess with an individual's blood and lower blood pressure. This can be very dangerous for those suffering from diabetes and other blood related diseases. Simple, medication for erectile dysfunction should be purchased from licensed healthcare professionals such as a doctor. A doctor knows the patient and knows what is good and bad for the patient, which is why prescribed medication is safer.

Is it legal?

Kamagra is legal is some countries such as Thailand. The product is banned from the UK and the USA. The product does feature similar ingredients to Viagra and has been proven to work the same. It is also the cheaper alternative. There is not much reasoning behind the bans in the UK and USA. More than likely the product has not passed certain health inspection tests, leaving the only choice to ban them to assure the safety for the population.

Is it safe?

The product is unregulated in the UK and USA meaning that it is not sure if it is completely safe for the population. Though it does contain some similar ingredients to Viagra, it has not been thoroughly tested to be absolutely safe to people. The medication does also have some slightly more unknown ingredients that leave specialists unsure of its safety and efficacy. It is best to avoid the product all together as it is illegal and may cause serious or minor health issues.

Is it dangerous?

As previously stated, the product is unregulated in the UK and USA meaning that is it not fully understood what the product can cause to people. The product is produced in India, where they do not have the same safety checks and health regulations as most of Europe and North America. Digesting questionable medication can prove to be incredibly dangerous as proper health checks have not been fully tested in the country the individual is taking the product. It is always best to speak with a doctor about ED (Erectile Dysfunction) before taking any medication.

Natural Herbal Viagra:

There are several natural ways of curing erectile dysfunction for short periods of time. Some may not be so keen on the idea of taking medication produced in a lab so by taking the natural alternative may be better for them. The natural remedies work slightly more slower than Viagra or Cialis, but with daily use and patience, over time users are likely to see a change in their dysfunction.

Here is a list of natural remedies for those who choose to take the natural route:

Garlic: Garlic has been used all throughout history to help improve sexual pleasure among men and women. Garlic was used in Greek, Egyptian, Japanese, Chinese, and Roman cultures. It works by increasing the flow of blood and increases hormone production. By ingesting five gloves daily, users are sure to see a difference in about a month.

Ginkgo Biloba: This product not only helps with achieving a full erection, but it has been said by scientists to improve memory. The ginkgo helps with increasing blood flow to the genital region. In a study in 1989, it would found that half the men in the experiment found that in about six months of daily digesting the ginkgo they fully regained their ability to achieve a full erection.

It also also said that taking Vitamin E daily can also help achieve and maintain a full erection.

There are also several hormone helpers that help boost male testosterone. This is often found in Omega-3 fatty acids. This is very good as it said to be the basic building blocks for testosterone in men. Most men may have an Omega-3 deficiency leading to the erectile dysfunction. Researches have gathered enough information to conclude that men should have a daily intake of Omega-3's found in flax seed oil, salmon oil, or by eating fatty fish at least three times a week. There are also several other helpers that have been gathered. Here is a small list of some of the biggest ones:

Yohimbe: Yohimbe is found on the bark of an African tree. The herb is well known in products that help promote proper erections. It is recommended to take in 250mg doses. The product is said to activate nerves in the spine that control a man's erection. The downside to the herb is that it is very potent and is not for everyone. The herb can cause headaches, nausea, and in some cases panic attacks. It is clearly not for everyone. For someone with heart disease, this product is not for them. It is said that first time users should take the product is smaller doses to begin with.

Maca Adina: This product is another product that helps with a hormonal unbalance. It also helps promote fertility in men. Some have claimed that is also promotes sexual vigour. It is said that it should be taken daily in doses of 4,000mg.

Before taking any such product, is it very important to consult with a doctor who knows all about these. The doctor will know what is best and understands patient's health status. The doctor may also be able to help recommend products to help with erectile dysfunction. It is not recommended in any way to order anything online, as it can lead to very bad health issues.