Raising MoneySmart kids

Video chats with the Koch family

Being MoneySmart is a core life skill. In a rapidly changing world of personal finances, children and young people can benefit from the good habits and advice adults can teach them to establish good consumer and financial habits from a very young age. In these videos, David and Libby Koch chat about how they taught their children to become financially aware adults. Topics include:

  • Earning and saving pocket money
  • Budgeting
  • Dealing with marketing
  • Handling peer pressure

This video was developed in partnership with the Koch family and Father Chris Riley's Youth Off The Streets.

We would like to thank David, Libby and AJ Koch for donating their time and sharing their family experiences to assist with our financial literacy program.

Notes are available to assist families with conversations about consumer behaviour and good financial habits. Parents can access the notes by selecting the icon at the top of this screen.

More resources are available for children at moneysmart.gov.au/teaching. Calculators, tools and articles can be found for parents and consumers at moneysmart.gov.au.