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Mute - The Essential Collection

Re-issues of Die Kleinen Und Die Bosen, Alles Ist Gut, Gold Und Leibe and Fur Immer

"Perceived in the early 80's as having an element of danger in their look, sound and content,
DAF were banned from certain clubs for their political and sexual ambiguity."

"Songs like "Der Mussolini" and "Sex Unter Wasser" quickly became underground
club hits and their sound paved the way for the electronic body music of
Front 242, Die Krupps, Nitzer Ebb and more.
Their influence can still be heard in electronic music today."

Live Review

They played in Bochum, which is on the western border of Germany. The goth and electronic scene is pretty big in Bochum. Each year they have an open air festival called "Bochum Total". There are about 50-60 bands playing in the city for free. Yesterday there were Welle Erdball, Second Decay and DAF dos, all of which I really wanted to see. It would have been a great concert if it hadn't started raining in the afternoon. And it didn't stop. It kept on raining all day long, so there were hardly any people out on the streets. I guess there were about 100 people watching DAF dos. Most of them were in a bad mood because of the rain, and also most of them were really young, which is probably due to their last album. They didn't have anything to do with those who know DAF dos because of DAF. Since there were so few people there, I could stand directly in front of the stage (I was about 1,5 meters away from Gabi) without even being touched by anyone else. It seemed so unreal! I was standing there, watching one of the best bands I know, and it seemed like no one else really paid a lot of attention to them! The show was great! They didn't only play the new songs, but also "Der Mussolini", "Als waer's das letzte Mal", "Verschwende Deine Jugend" and "Rote Lippen". But the audience was really bad. I feel really sorry for them because I'm sure it was because of the weather. The same happened to Welle Erdball and Second Decay.

Anyway, I hope they don't consider Bochum as a bad place to play in now. That would really be a shame!

Greetings from Germany

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