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WEBINAR - understanding feed test results for livestock performance
Join us for our first webinar of 2018, where we will be joined by ruminant nutrition researcher with NSW DPI John Piltz. John will discuss ...

Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 13:00 PM (AEDT)

Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 14:00 PM


WEBINAR - understanding feed test results for livestock performance

Join us for our ...

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Megan Rogers

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WEBINAR - understanding feed test results for livestock performance

Join us for our first webinar of 2018, where we will be joined by ruminant nutrition researcher with NSW DPI John Piltz. John will discuss why feed testing is important, and how to easily understand what feed test results mean for your livestock. ...

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Webinar - Sheep meat market outlook

Missed our webinar presented by MLA's Ben Thomas about the sheep meat market? Then download it and listen at your leisure. Ben's presentation was very well received and informative. Listen to Ben's presentation on supply, demand and forecasts for ... Read More

WEBINAR Recording - managing sheep mineral nutrition in grazing crops

Dr Gordon Refshauge, NSW DPI Research Officer at Cowra discusses mineral nutrition in grazing crops. Topics included: mineral requirements, how to supplement, what supplements need to include, different types of crops and possible things to look o... Read More

WEBINAR RECORDING - Tools to improve lamb survival in the pastoral areas

Dr Gordon Refshauge, Research Officer, NSW DPI discussed strategies and tools to assist pastoral operations boost productivity and lamb survival. A very informative webinar, with much detail presented. Hear about causes of lamb mortality, benefits... Read More
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Leading Sheep QLD

Leading Sheep helps Queensland’s sheep and wool producers increase their long-term productivity and profitability. Leading Sheep is a proactive network of Queensland sheep and wool businesses; at the forefront of practical and relevant information... Read More

Sheep Connect TAS

Sheep Connect Tasmania is Australia Wool Innovation’s (AWI’s) key investment in extension for the Tasmanian sheep and wool industries. The program is a joint venture between AWI and the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture. Edit Info Delete

The Sheep's Back WA

TSB is funded by Australian Wool Innovation, and is part of a nationwide network of wool and sheep growers. We provide up to date and timely information to farmers to assist with maximising the efficiency of the enterprise.

Bestwool/Bestlamb VIC

BESTWOOL/BESTLAMB in partnership with Australian Wool Innovation Limited is a network facilitating information exchange that enables producers to implement improvements in key aspects of their business.

Sheep Connect SA

SheepConnect SA is a partnership between Australian Wool Innovation Limited and the SA Sheep Industry Fund. SheepConnect SA mission is ‘To lead change in South Australian sheep and wool growing businesses towards more profitable, resilient and env... Read More

Australian Wool Innovation

Australian Wool Innovation is a not-for-profit company owned by more than 23,000 Australian woolgrowers. AWI invests in research, development, innovation and marketing along the global supply chain for Australian wool.

The Woolmark Company

The Woolmark Company is the global authority on wool. Through an extensive network of relationships spanning the international textile and fashion industries, The Woolmark Company highlights Australian wool’s position as the ultimate natural fibre... Read More
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Video Playlist - Sheep Connect NSW Crops, Rumps and Woolly Jumpers Forum

Crops Rumps and Woolly Jumpers was an innovative forum, hosted by Sheep Connect NSW and the EH Graham Centre, highlighting the different enterprises in mixed farming. The forum was structured in two halves. The morning session was built around ... Read More

Lamb Feedlot cost calculator

The Lamb feedlot cost calculator was developed by the Sheep CRC, and NSW DPI. Use this calculator to provide detailed costings on all elements of your lamb feeding operation. There is a very useful section related to ration formulation.

YouTube Video - Physical examination of rams (the 'bundy' edition)

In this YouTube video, Allan Casey (Sheep Breeding Specialist) demonstrates how to perform a physical examination of rams. In all breeding flocks there are rams that are poor performers, either with physical abnormalities likely to interfere with ... Read More

Wet and Dry Technique

Interested in improving ewe reproductive rates? This video by Dr Gordon Refshauge, NSW DPI Cowra demonstrates the technique of wet and dry to establish which breeding ewes have failed to rear a lamb.

Webinar recording - Confinement Feeding of sheep

Sheep Connect hosted, in partnership with CWLLS a webinar about confinement feeding of sheep. Geoff Duddy, Sheep Solutions presented the webinar.

Webinar Recording - "Plan ahead, Save lambs"

'Plan Ahead - Save Lambs' - This webinar provides the latest information from Dr Gordon Refshauge, Sheep Research Officer from NSW DPI on pre-lambing management and lamb survival.

Confinement Feeding of Sheep - presentation

Geoff Duddy's presentation on confinement feeding of sheep.

Webinar Recording - "Scanning for success"

"Scanning for Success" - This webinar, presented by Chris Shands (Chris Shands Rural) provides participants with practical information on the importance and benefits of scanning as a tool to lift lamb survival.

Webinar recording - FOOTROT - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

On 9th December 2016 Sheep Connect NSW hosted a webinar on footrot, with the purpose of updating participants on the state of play in all matters associated with the disease.

Webinar Recording - "Will feedlotting pay?"

"Will feedlotting pay?" - This webinar, presented by Geoff Duddy (Sheep Solutions) provides helpful information on the do's and don'ts of feedlot rations, and demonstrated the use of the Sheep CRC Feedlotting Calculator.

Ram selling season information

Ram selling season arrives and with it comes a myriad of information to brush up on, so that the best buying decisions are made on the day. Sheep Connect NSW have compiled all the information and resources on the topic to make them easy to access.... Read More

Webinar recording - Managing livestock nutrition in dry times and beyond

This webinar presented by San Jolly, Productive Nutrition, Kapunda, SA covers important information about the importance of feed testing, how to interpret feed test results to ensure that you are providing your livestock with the most cost effecti... Read More

Webinar Recording - "Grazing management options to boost productivity"

"Grazing management options to boost productivity and help secure healthy landscapes" - This webinar, presented by NSW DPI Research Scientist Dr Warwick Badgery, will offer sheep producers the opportunity to learn how grazing management and stocki... Read More

Our Mission
The Sheep Connect NSW mission is, "To provide NSW sheep producers with a dedicated network through which they can source relevant, reliable and timely information and expertise to enable better business decisions" Sheep Connect NSW consults with and is guided on strategic direction by a Project Advisory Panel. The aim of this panel is to ensure that Sheep Connect NSW remains connected to and meets the needs of its members by engaging with current industry priorities and opportunities. This panel consists of producers from all areas of the state, ensuring a complete coverage of all sheep producing areas of the state.
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