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The ANGSTT portal provides a consolidated view of all satellite events available at ANGSTT hosted ground stations throughout Australia.

Ground Stations
Displays information about the Agencies and Ground Stations for which schedule information is available.
Current Acquisition Schedule
Displays acquisitions that have started or are scheduled to start in the near future (1-2 hours).
3-Day Acquisition Schedule
Displays acquisitions scheduled over the yesterday/today/tomorrow 3 days.
Full Acquisition Schedule
Displays ALL acquisitions available in weekly (Monday to Sunday) chunks.
Display of date/times...
The time zone to be used for display of date/times can be selected using the drop-down at the top-right of the page.
Next Acquisition...
The next scheduled acquisition is displayed at the top-right of the page.
Ground Stations...
If location information is provided for a Ground Station then clicking on the location will display the ground station in Google Maps.
Time Zone
Agencies may provide the local time zone information for the Ground Station.
The Satellite and Status columns can be filtered on mutiple values by entering them separated by a comma. For example, for the Satellite column, AQUA will display only AQUA acquisitions whereas AQUA,TERRA will display both AQUA and TERRA acquisitions.
WRS2 Path
Landsat acquisitions which have the WRS2 Path provided will display the WRS2 Path as link that displays the scenes on a map.